Your digital nutritionist

We provide a simple, intuitive and efficient way to greatly improve life quality and health, breaking the barrier of interpreting nutrient tables and ingredients. We intend to give people with nutritional restrictions a powerful tool to help them shopping for goods, so they can make an informed and secure decision. How do we do it? By crossing the user’s nutritional needs with the product information, we provide an intelligent personalized feedback. Our goal? Become the smart digital nutritionist, inside everyone’s pocket."

Personalized Recommendations

The nutritional plan is completly designed for your and your needs: the recommendations after scanning a product will be according to your specific profile.

Be Healthy in your way

Finally you will be able to follow your own dietary plan and buy the right products according to our goals.

More informed decisions

Know better what you eat and whether it fits your needs.

Save time

Reading the label takes up to 10x more than just scanning the barcode. Getting the information using our app it's almost instantaneous!

How does it work?


Select between one of our pre-defined diet modes or create your own even more complete and personalized!


In case you choose the more personalized mode let your health professional fill in your most intricate diet details.

Slide and Scan

After having your plan set, just point the camera of your smartphone to the barcode of the product you wish to buy.


Get your own personalized feedback which will let you make a more informed and intelligent decision.

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